Saturday, 29 December 2012

My holidays

Holidays is more than halfway gone. Time flies. And I had been working the holidays away. Saving up for a desktop which i so urgently need, and some money to spend on having a good time with friends and acquaintances :D Recently went to a resort. Took some very beautiful photos. Haha my phone although already 1 years+ old, still is a very good phone for taking photos! Let the images do the talking ^^

Can you see the rainbow? Its by the seaside, in the early morning sky! :)

Orange.. :D

Yellow :D

Red :D

Beautiful flowers eh? Taken by a phone camera! :D haha. Sadly, my skills aren't good enough. Otherwise it could be even better. Haha

Anyway.. for the christmas celebrations.. Even this has a special christmassy touch to it. Can you notice what is very special about this photo? (Hint: Zoom in on the tiny detail!)

Haha.. Belated merry christmas everyone!

Friday, 21 December 2012

End Of World, Or Not?

美丽动听的音乐和大家分享! Really beautiful music! Thanks Taylor Davis for the lovely rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Let this melody pave the way to the end of 2012, and usher in the 2013 with pomp and grandeur :) For this year, I've many things and many people to thank for. I don't even know how to start. This is a message to a wonderful blogger friend I have. She hopes to receive a special message. So here it is. ~~~~If today is the end of the world, I just want you to know that I love you :)~~~~ ~~~~As a reader of your blog, and as a friend (I hope by now you already consider me as a friend :D ) ~~~~~ I'm quite sure the world wont end, but it marks a brand new start, and I hope people will stop predicting the world's end, and spend the energy and effort on improving the world for everyone. So here's a suggestion, to end the year 2012, maybe we should write down what we're thankful for, and what we hope to do to improve ourselves and to improve the lives of those we care for, as well as those who need our care. Haha. I gotta sleep. More work, more OT, coming up. lol

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Monday, 26 November 2012

A brief respite

One exam paper over. 5 more to go! I have a friend, who seems to be sad. At least thats what her blog says. So, I wrote this poem for her. Thought I'd post it here too and share.

The lone star twinkling, in the depth of the night.
Droplet of tear trickling, symbol of sadness shimmers with light.
The solace i'm seeking, why do you stay out of sight?
Its really hurting, to say that i feel alright.

Yet I am trying, to stay strong and fight.
For it marks the beginning, of the end of my plight.
I keep on striving, with all my might.
For soon comes riding, my destined white knight.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

When Studies Trumped Sleep

Wow, can't believe I actually stayed up for 60 hours without sleeping, to complete an insane project. It was really insane. Wonder how I survived that. But now I have ulcers in my mouth, and breathing fire, looks like i'm going to fall ill soon. I want to do something meaningful, like some sports or exercise. But don't know what I should really do. Any suggestions?

I realised that an empty pursuit of excellence only degrades my health, and I should be more oriented towards the pursuit of happiness and to share happiness with those around me, and to those I care. For one, I think I will take up a culinary course to learn how to cook a new dish. Haha.

I want to play The Sims 3 too!!!!!! And Badminton!!!!! XD


I want to do charity work too!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My version of Omelette! PotatoBeans Omelette!

The other day I cooked this really interesting interpretation of the omelette for my parents and myself. Its my own interpretation of it, done the vegetarian style. Sadly I forgot to take photos =X

This amount serves 3 people
1. Firstly, peel and dice 2 standard potatoes. Note: Remember to remove dark spots.

2. Then cook it in water until it becomes moderately soft. (Not too soft! We're not making mashed potato!)

3. Get some mixed beans, depending on your preference of the greenies, you could have about 7-10 tablespoonful of them, and then cook them in water until soft.

4. Mix both potato and mixed beans together, add some salt, and powdered pepper. Take a teaspoon and constantly take tiny portions out to taste. Should be slightly on the spicy side, saltiness depending on preference, 1-2 teaspoon should be quite enough.

5. Low-heat fry the mixture to regain heat.

6. Crack 3 eggs and beat them into a nice yellow mixture, add 1-2 tablespoon of light soy sauce and mix.

7. At low heat, add about 1-2 tablespoon of cooking oil into the frying pan, then slowly spread even the egg, something like cooking an omelette.

8. Before the egg is fully cooked (still a little watery), pour in the potato and beans mixture, on half the side of the egg.

9. Let the egg become cooked ( slight brownish side), then cover the empty side of the egg over.

10. Slice and Serve.

Bon Appetit! :)

Cooking is fun!

Nice music for moods! haha.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Rainy Days

On days when it rains, it is always awesome if you're already at home, but if you're outside, you'd hope that the rain stops as soon as possible?

On rainy days, one might be more melancholic, while another might get very excited from the prospect of having a good sleep.

On rainy days... The umbrella seller smiles, but the ice cream sellers might not.

There might not be polar opposites in things, but it might be good to seek out a balance isn't it?

8 hrs of rain sounds? Soothing? :)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Some tips for doing housework

While cooking, and doing housework, I realise even doing housework is a skill to be learnt. Here are some tips which I find useful.

For people who use rice cookers to cook their rice/porridge, after finishing the food and washing the rice cooker/pot, allow time to air the rice cooker/pot before covering the cooker. The smell from the rice might not have dissipated so airing the rice cooker/pot makes it so that the next time it used, there will not be a pungent smell of stale rice.

When you put out laundry to sun-dry, refrain from leaving it out too long. The laundry materials may be weakened by prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat. Furthermore, it decreases the lifespan of the clothes pegs. It might be good to set a timer for 2-3hrs depending on the amount of sunlight for your location.

Doing housework is actually fun. Not only do you relief your spouse and your parents from excessive amount of chores and exertion, it is also a good form of exercise for yourself. In addition, it is a beneficial short-getaway for those who sit in front of their computers for long hours.

Hmmm does anyone still play pokemon? I miss playing Pokemon games. But my exams are approaching so games have to be decreased =(

A funny video to share!

Have a good laugh!!! Hahahaha.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Elearning week

What is the aim of elearning? To learn from an online portal, so as to....?

Be more independent? To utilize technology and save time on travelling? Or? Why are labs and other sessions still going on? Wouldn't this be bad?

Camy, remember the Garden By the Bay I mentioned when i commented on your blog? It's just launched not long ago! There are alot of pictues on this website. Take a look ok? :D

I haven't go to Garden By the Bay yet! Maybe when you come to visit Singapore, I can be your tour guide and bring you there!


So.. I can only take other pictures...

Not from Garden By the Bay, but still very nice!

This picture... is on top of a Shopping Mall! Can you believe it? :)

Many more nice places to go to!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Busy Busy Busy

It has been a long time since I last blogged! University life is so busy! Homework, projects, tutorials, lectures, elearning.... everything!! I'm staying true to my promise. I will still blog whenever I can.

I know this is very late, wanna wish you Happy Birthday again. So.... Happy Belated Birthday Camy!! I wanted to write a special birthday blogpost for you but sorry it's so late. Oh ya! Hope you recover from your injuries soon!

I found 2 very nice songs online. The musicians are all very famous on YouTube! I hope one day, I can be as good as them!

Enjoy the music! Peace! :)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I used to play tetris too! It's fun challenging the speed, but ever since I reached rank 50 I just stopped since I can't bear to let rank fall. =X

Now school reopen, lots of busy days and lots of things to do. Here's a motivational piece of music.


I will work hard for this semester, and during the next holidays, I will go around to take some beautiful photographs and appreciate the nature's elegance.

End with photo :)

Guess where I took this?

Happiness is true when people around you are happy too. :)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Holidays ending, Uni starting again...

Woo!! Just watched London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony! It's really awesome! I watched it on Channel 5. But for everyone not in Singapore, and wants to watch, this is the official url on YouTube. :) Hope this helps!

Year 3 university is almost starting, that means holidays ending :( Soon there's going to be projects, tests, exams... For the last few days of my holiday, i'll be going through the wonderful photos that Camy has taken, and then create something nice that will hopefully help her to destress.

University studies brings about a new level of responsibility, pressure, stress and commitment. This is something that will make an impression on our lives as we move forward into the society in future. The resilience required to stay on track is likened to an insurmountable willpower that we need to build up and maintain. To all university students, stay strong. To Camy, remember your strengths and keep in mind that health is still the most important. Take care!!!

Camy, here are some more photos i've taken in the past... How are they? :)

Old-style "Fans" on sale at Chinatown.

Guess what's this? Taken at night, outside VivoCity

Somewhere in Sentosa...

My favourite set of colour pencils!!!

Since you only visited Singapore once, maybe come again and visit Singapore during your holidays, i'll show you around to beautiful places where you can take more photos ok? :)

University life.... ah... The ups and downs, happiness and sadness, good and bad of it, can really be written into a very very long story.....

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Past Photos

Helo. For this post, i'll begin with some images to share!

Here's a couple of picture's i've taken in the not so distant past.

Singapore's well known 佛牙寺!

Somewhere in Sentosa.

Some massive decorative feature. Near VivoCity i think.

Guess where I took this?

They were meant for my school assignment.  Yes it is, I took a module that required students to take photos based on photography rules, such as vertical/horizontal lines, perspective, focal points and the "Rule of Thirds" etc... It was a fun trip that a few of us organized to go outside of school to take those photographs. Really fun, meaningful, and satisfying too.

I've got lots more pictures, but i'm not a good photographer. Plus, the photographs were taken with a Olympus 3.2MP camera so the quality leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, the effects that I sought were achieved after that many photographs taken, and with encouragement from my group of friends, who were also taking photographs for the same purpose too!

I'm definitely looking forward to more photography trips around Singapore, discovering the beauty of the things around us.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Some Thoughts

In Singapore there're really alot of beautiful places, even at shopping malls.. These places are picturesque, and when in the hands of a capable photographer, it can really mean very amazing outcomes.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Brainstorming for music

I am currently trying to think of ideas to create the first piece of music for the photographs taken by Camy. She has so many wonderful photographs that it is difficult to make a choice amongst them.

Camy, if you're reading my blog, I thought this would be an alternative way to contact you other than writing comments on your blog, seeing that you are busy these days and seldom go to your blog. Hope you're doing well in university. I'll continue to work on the music piece and hopefully get it completed soon. When is your holidays coming?

Monday, 9 July 2012

My First Post!

This is my new blog. I've named it A-M-E-Life, which is the short form for "A Musically Enchanted Life". Yes, some may feel that this blog looks familiar, even the name too. I've begun writing this blog because I've been inspired by this very amazing girl with superb photography skills. I'll dedicate my first post to her.

She's a young girl who's able to perfectly use the camera shutters to capture the beautiful moments of life. A person may be enamoured by beautiful scenery, but this girl is able to capture this scenery at the very apex of it's elegance, further enhancing the granduer of the scene. This wonderful girl, her name is Camy. =)

Hmmm so my reader (if anyone comes at all) may ask what has photography got to do with me naming this blog with something related to music. Well, I've been inspired by Camy's passion for photography and the fantastic photos that she's taken that I've decided to try and write original music pieces that can bring out the story and beauty of the photos to a new level. I'm not a very experienced musician, but I will try my best. Hence I've named this blog with something related to music.

Camy, thank you for inspiring me! ^^

P.S. If you read my blog url, does it sound familiar? =P About the template i use, i like black colour. And although it's quite similar to your blog, i'm actually still learning HTML and other programming languages, so i will change my template sometime soon.