Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My version of Omelette! PotatoBeans Omelette!

The other day I cooked this really interesting interpretation of the omelette for my parents and myself. Its my own interpretation of it, done the vegetarian style. Sadly I forgot to take photos =X

This amount serves 3 people
1. Firstly, peel and dice 2 standard potatoes. Note: Remember to remove dark spots.

2. Then cook it in water until it becomes moderately soft. (Not too soft! We're not making mashed potato!)

3. Get some mixed beans, depending on your preference of the greenies, you could have about 7-10 tablespoonful of them, and then cook them in water until soft.

4. Mix both potato and mixed beans together, add some salt, and powdered pepper. Take a teaspoon and constantly take tiny portions out to taste. Should be slightly on the spicy side, saltiness depending on preference, 1-2 teaspoon should be quite enough.

5. Low-heat fry the mixture to regain heat.

6. Crack 3 eggs and beat them into a nice yellow mixture, add 1-2 tablespoon of light soy sauce and mix.

7. At low heat, add about 1-2 tablespoon of cooking oil into the frying pan, then slowly spread even the egg, something like cooking an omelette.

8. Before the egg is fully cooked (still a little watery), pour in the potato and beans mixture, on half the side of the egg.

9. Let the egg become cooked ( slight brownish side), then cover the empty side of the egg over.

10. Slice and Serve.

Bon Appetit! :)

Cooking is fun!

Nice music for moods! haha.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Rainy Days

On days when it rains, it is always awesome if you're already at home, but if you're outside, you'd hope that the rain stops as soon as possible?

On rainy days, one might be more melancholic, while another might get very excited from the prospect of having a good sleep.

On rainy days... The umbrella seller smiles, but the ice cream sellers might not.

There might not be polar opposites in things, but it might be good to seek out a balance isn't it?

8 hrs of rain sounds? Soothing? :)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Some tips for doing housework

While cooking, and doing housework, I realise even doing housework is a skill to be learnt. Here are some tips which I find useful.

For people who use rice cookers to cook their rice/porridge, after finishing the food and washing the rice cooker/pot, allow time to air the rice cooker/pot before covering the cooker. The smell from the rice might not have dissipated so airing the rice cooker/pot makes it so that the next time it used, there will not be a pungent smell of stale rice.

When you put out laundry to sun-dry, refrain from leaving it out too long. The laundry materials may be weakened by prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat. Furthermore, it decreases the lifespan of the clothes pegs. It might be good to set a timer for 2-3hrs depending on the amount of sunlight for your location.

Doing housework is actually fun. Not only do you relief your spouse and your parents from excessive amount of chores and exertion, it is also a good form of exercise for yourself. In addition, it is a beneficial short-getaway for those who sit in front of their computers for long hours.

Hmmm does anyone still play pokemon? I miss playing Pokemon games. But my exams are approaching so games have to be decreased =(

A funny video to share!

Have a good laugh!!! Hahahaha.