Monday, 26 November 2012

A brief respite

One exam paper over. 5 more to go! I have a friend, who seems to be sad. At least thats what her blog says. So, I wrote this poem for her. Thought I'd post it here too and share.

The lone star twinkling, in the depth of the night.
Droplet of tear trickling, symbol of sadness shimmers with light.
The solace i'm seeking, why do you stay out of sight?
Its really hurting, to say that i feel alright.

Yet I am trying, to stay strong and fight.
For it marks the beginning, of the end of my plight.
I keep on striving, with all my might.
For soon comes riding, my destined white knight.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

When Studies Trumped Sleep

Wow, can't believe I actually stayed up for 60 hours without sleeping, to complete an insane project. It was really insane. Wonder how I survived that. But now I have ulcers in my mouth, and breathing fire, looks like i'm going to fall ill soon. I want to do something meaningful, like some sports or exercise. But don't know what I should really do. Any suggestions?

I realised that an empty pursuit of excellence only degrades my health, and I should be more oriented towards the pursuit of happiness and to share happiness with those around me, and to those I care. For one, I think I will take up a culinary course to learn how to cook a new dish. Haha.

I want to play The Sims 3 too!!!!!! And Badminton!!!!! XD


I want to do charity work too!!!