Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Dreams

I've seen many of my relatives and friends, some younger than 10 years old, going overseas and leaving great memories. But me being pathetic as usual, has never been on a plane. I'm not as fortunate as many others. My dreams of going overseas, are often compared to the less-well off children who cannot even afford to eat, study, be clothed, be sheltered. That silenced me.

My dream is to tour the entire globe in a year and visit 72 different countries, staying at each country for 5 days and then moving on. Around the world in 360 days, maybe that's what I'll call my book/photo-journal/documentary/whatever.

I'd like to also learn all the vehicular licences available, car, truck, bus, motorcycle, trailers, ships, boats, airplanes, helicopters, maybe even a space shuttle?

If I'm rich, I'd also hope to adopt poor families with newborns and aid them through the difficult times. I'll be sponsoring the newborn all the way from childbirth to college, while helping the family upgrade their skills, re-train themselves and re-introduce themselves into the workforce, even providing them employment if the opportunity arises.

If I'm wealthy, I'd like to anonymously bring surprises to the less well-off families once a month, or even better still, once a fortnight. I'll not leave my name, or probably use aliases. I just want to see the genuine smiles of happiness on the faces of those around me.

They are, my dreams..... If, I become, successful.

Monday, 21 January 2013

2nd Week of This Semester

Time flies. And what? Tomorrow I'm going to school, spending more than 4 hrs back and forth, for 1 hour of lessons! How nice huh? =X

Anyways, Circle of Life from Lion King, super power!! To skip the talking in front, simply forward to 1:20. :) Enjoy the song!!! :D I wish one day I can run on the lush green grasslands with the one I love, hand in hand, into the morning breeze. With magnificent animals around, deer, antelope, giraffe, horses, etc. Awww, how nice that would be!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Going To & From School

I'm watching recorded lectures so as to save time from travelling all the way to school.

Imagine, having to spend about 2hrs a day just on the transportation from home to school? Plus the time taken to pack up and get ready, reach and settle down. And when going home, again packup, and settled down + unpack when reach home. All these means about 5 hrs a day wasted JUST TO GO TO SCHOOL & BACK HOME =X Zzzzzzz... These amount of time could've been better spent studying or used in other leisure activities for stress reduction. Otherwise, it can be spent on meaningful activities such as going for CCA and charity/volunteering events.

What to do?

Recently I've not been able to take much photos with my phone because I'm too busy with school reopen. Ahh. I'm looking forward to the release of Samsung Galaxy S4!! :)

Should I spend some of my free time to write more music? Hmmm....

Monday, 14 January 2013

Holidays over. Wait... Holidays? Did I even have any holiday at all?

Frankly i was forced to work. Hadn't any holidays. And school starts like that. Just like that, the one month is gone, and I'm really sour about it. =X

Sigh. Vengeful!!!! =X lol.

And my birthday? Its been 7 years since I had any celebrations, cakes or presents. Oh really? Yeah, my parents absolutely don't care! hah.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013!!

Its 2013! Happy New Year everyone! Since it was Camy who inspired me to blog, naturally this post would be dedicated as a new year greetings for this wonderful girl! :)

Happy New Year Camy!!

Thanks for all the inspirational blog posts and the great photos you've shared! May your 2013 be a very fruitful and bountiful year, with lots of new surprises, loads of happiness, and may your smile be even more radiant than ever!

Best wishes for your studies, and wish you and your family good health! All the best for everything else too!

Thank you for being such an awesome blogger Camy! :D