Tuesday, 26 February 2013

E-Learning Week

Chinese New Year passed by so quickly! Hope everyone had fun!

This week is e-learning week! But aiya, although it means study at home, thus saving more time, but lecturers are so in a hurry to add to the workload! So what's the point? So much assignments not done yet. I want to blog more also difficult.

What to do? lol.. Listen to a nice music to brighten up the day!

Thursday, 14 February 2013


So valentines came and went.. And once again i'm alone. Hahahaha funny? Yeah its funny.

Sigh... I wrote a poem to "commemorate" the day.

Romantic melody with a tinge of forlorness, 
Embraces the serene night with lovely sadness.
Each note strikes loud upon the soul with immense emptiness,
Shattering the quiet night with a silence so loud that it would cause deafness.

The beautiful lights of the dance halls shines with brilliance,
Candle lights embellish dining tables displaying great romance.
My lonely day's events come to a close with such elegance,
Thus paving the way for a better tomorrow's entrance.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Reflections of Dragon Year

The Dragon year has gone by, and in comes the year of the snake. I think it's apt to write some reflections on what has gone by, and to move forward. One year passed by really quickly, and it was a hectic year indeed. Here i'm referring to the year of 2012 as well. I've been through lots of troubles, passed many obstacles, conquered and overcame lots of challenges. Yet more challenges have been thrown in front of me, and I'm once again faced with so many issues.

But this time, I hope I can be a better person. Yes, there is still hope. I've witnessed very moving and influential moments, not done by others, but from those close to me. From their actions, from how they do things, I have gained new insights into what really goes on in this wonderful thing called life.

The face, the smiling yet a little silly( in a positive way) and innocent expression, all the frustrations, the obstinacy, the irritation, they just disappear. Taking its place, a tinge of sadness and feeling forlorn. The yearning to just run up and give a great big hug and say that everything's alright, that I'll do everything for you, because of you, I exist. Its a very soul-searching sight, why can't we be more tolerant and gracious to someone who's so aged and has gone through many tribulations and hardship to arrive at what it is now? I'm a new me now. Having witnessed this, it helped me grow my character, and make myself an even better person. I will be more tolerant, forgiving, and gracious. For what's more important, than having a good character and personality.

And the predictions for horoscopes & zodiacs has really made me realize a great deal of things, black and white, truths and the not-so-true as well. What's predicted, may not be what will happen, although we do not hold the key and ultimate decision to anything and everything, but we're generally able to influence the many things that occur around us. Words are very powerful, they can bless, and they can hurt. It's how we interpret and deal with the words thrown at us, that eventually decides how we'd survive or triumph over them.

For now, let us just bear in mind the lessons learnt from past to now, and stride forward in the new year. Bring happiness unto those who care, and share some with others who might be stranger. We'd never know what we might learn next.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Happy New Year! Snake Year!

Wishing everyone a very happy new year! :D
Hope this year would be fruitful and meaningful, and more happiness will come!

Special shout-out to Camy: Thanks for motivating me to come back to blogging! :D Have a wonderful new year!!