Monday, 19 August 2013

Who's the Confidante?

Always thought there were lots of friends. But at the most depressing moments, when solace was sought after, when a confidante was yearned, there was none to be found. Scrolling through the phone's contact list, none. Walking down memory lane, none. There seems no one who isn't busy, or who can truly listen without judging, or who can in return bare hearts and confide, or who can offer advices that were ridiculous yet for that moment the very comfort that soothes the injured...

Instead, it was from music that the very littlest serenity was found, the ever fading glimmer of peace and the whisper of tranquillity. It was from classically well-written shows where the motivation came; The strength to strive on, painful the journey might be, to trudge on with a heavy foot.

Where indeed might the ideal one be? As the final lap in varsity begun, the anxiety and fear increased. The crescendo might be unbearable. Who could be the one that would bring the ultimate peace and a stable, warm, loving future full of possibilities, hope, and desirable uncertainties?


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